Every year, we are dependent on the big hearts of doctors willing to sacrifice their comfort and precious time, to travel with us and care for the villagers during our health screenings.

If you are a qualified doctor practising in Singapore, we invite you to join us in doing small things with great love.

How You Can Help

-Join us for our health screenings
-Join us for house-to-house visits (for less mobile villagers)

Preferred Specialties

-Family Medicine

However, interested doctors of all specialties are welcome!

2017 Trip Dates

Overall project dates: 13-20 December 2017
We propose that doctors join us for a period of 3 days,on either Shift 1 (13th-15th December) or Shift 2 (16th-18th December). Nonetheless, other arrangements are welcome depending on your availability. Doctors interested in Education efforts are invited to join us for an extension on the 19-20 December, where doctors will be involved in Teachers Education for the schools we will be visiting.